Since 2011, the local business magazine El Economista publishes the TOP+ America Ranking, which is based on the same measurement instrument used by TOP Companies for its Super Companies Ranking, Places Where Everyone Wants to Work

In order to carry the process out, interested companies will be able to participate per country, as long as they fulfill the bases described hereinafter:

Rules for America  

Process preparation 

  • Assignment of a project leader 
  • Signature of the confidentiality contract
  • Internal communication strategy

Survey application 

  • List of total collaborators Sociodemographic changes (optional) Choice of application (online, paper or mixed) 
  • Application date and evaluation term Delivery of the IPPP (Inventory of Policies, Practices and Programs)  

Criteria to participate in the Ranking 

  • Score on the Cultural Adaptation Index 
  • Score on the Labor Relationship Index IPPP
  • Score delivered and documented    

Diffusion of pride 

The organizations selected in the TOP + America Ranking will receive a special recognition per year from TOP Companies.   

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