Our Mission

Is that of accompanying organizations into the strengthening of their Culture,by giving them support in their consolidation as competitive and sustainable organizations, but most of all, in becoming more human


  • Strength: Our people
  • Base: Respect for individuals
  • Commitment: Service
  • Passion: Our job
  • Virtue: Loyalty 
  • Challenge: Innovation
  • Dream: Competitive and human organizations
  • Cornerstone: Organizational Culture in the world

What do we measure?

Organizational Culture: It is the main backbone of the organization, shaped by the set of beliefs and values shared inside the company, which is translated into the behaviors and emotional flow of the people that forms it

Culture Factors:  Leadership,Organizational Dynamics, Resilience, Identifying with the Company, Working Attitude, Employment Growth, Training, Role Model, Honesty, Organizational Motivation, Diversity/Inclusion, Company’s Policies, Social Responsibility  

Working Atmosphere:  It is the climate perceived inside the organization, which is shaped by the set of feelings and emotions perceived by collaborators at their place of work  

Atmosphere Factors:  Working Day, Safety at Work, Occupational Stress, Positive Psychology, Rewards  

How do we measure it?

Questionnaire for collaborators

It is presented in a scientific-social style, with four dichotomous interval answering options: 

  • Totally disagree
  • Disagree
  • Agree
  • Totally agree

In case the company applies for the Ranking, the questionnaire has an 80% value in the rating 

IPPP (Inventory of Policies, Practices and Programs) 

The IPPP Inventory is divided into two parts:

  • Social-Demographic Profile of the Company
  • Physical Evidences Inventory of the Company’s Policies, Practices and Programs

In case the company applies for the Ranking, the IPPP has a 20% value in the total rating  

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TOP Companies Methodology

TOP Companies methodology is a unique measuring instrument, standardized for any Culture and with a high degree of reliability

Assessing the Organizational Environment and Culture allows us to determine the characteristics, behaviors and abilities required to becoming a Culturally Powerful company. The theoretical framework explains and interprets the results obtained in the studies, by means of the

variables that are part of the Organizational Environment and Culture through analyzing the company’s human profile

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