Rules for México

Arising from our star product for the measurement of Organizational Culture and Environment, TOP Companies, along with Expansión, the most well-known business magazine in Mexico, carries out the Super Companies Ranking, Places Where Everyone Wants to Work, with unique information and a high level of reliability. 

    • Have more than 101 collaborators; manufacture companies must have more than 251 employees
    • Have an annual turnover higher than 200 million pesos
    • Belong to the private industry
    • Register for free at +52 55 9180  4142 or by e-mailing to: [email protected]

Preparing for the Process

    • Appointment of a project leader 
    • Signing of the Non-Disclosure Agreement
    • Internal communication strategy

Súper Companies Ranking Process


Implementation of Survey

    • Listing of all the collaborators in the company
    • Socio-demographic changes (optional)
    • Application choice (online, paper or a combination of both)
    • Implementation date and assessment term
    • IPPP (Inventory of Policies, Practices and Programs) delivery

Ranking Participation Criteria

    • Cultural Adaptation Index Score
    • Employment Relationship Index Score
    • IPPP score, released and attested 
    • Audit of documents provided by the company

Spreading the Pride

Organizations selected for the Super Companies Ranking, Places Where Everyone Wants to Work, will get great benefits such as:

    • Logo certification and use during a year
    • To get to appear in the magazine’s special issue 
    • Talent attraction

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