Today we recognize the moments of disconnecting to connect, as productivity and balance tools to ensure quality of life.

Disconnect to connect: The Nestlé+KITKAT® ice cream store recognizes organizations that see as part of productivity, the generation of Break Friendly moments where employees can disconnect, new ideas and creativity are their engine.

The Break Friendly 2022 Ranking of Companies is an initiative of the KITKAT® Palette of Helados Nestlé, TOP Companies and Expansión.

Who participates?
If your company was certified as a Super Company, you have the opportunity to be part of the list of organizations in this Ranking, where, based on the Super Company questionnaire, key aspects are evaluated that contribute to creating Break Friendly moments for the employees of each company. 

*Since the Nestlé Ice Cream KITKAT® Palette is one of the promoters of this ranking, companies that are part of the consumer industry will not be able to participate, thereby guaranteeing total transparency in the process.

What will we evaluate?
• Employee moments: Super Companies questionnaire, 80%
• Company moments: Inventory of Policies, Practices and Programs (IPPP), 20%

How will we evaluate it?
Factors in the evaluation Moments of the collaborators
• Mind in balance
• Individual in welfare
• Healthy organization
• Healthy emotions
• Person-work balance
• Job roles
• Emotional shelter
• Wellness
• Pressure
• Equipment

Factors in the evaluation Moments of the company (IPPP)
• Belonging
• Equipment
• Organizational climate
• Job descriptions
• The office is the world
• We are all one
• Job roles
• Person-work balance
• Employment stability
• Wellness
• Holidays above the law
• Administrative days

The results of this Ranking. Get to know the TOP 15 Break Friendly companies that appear here in three categories